2 Ways To Manage Frustration: For You & Your Child

managing feelings, frustration, parent coaching, parenting, , parenting skills, parenting, parent coach, parent coach los angeles, parent coach orange county, parent skills, mercedes samudio lcswWe all get frustrated at times. And, that’s okay! But, how we learn to be aware of the frustration is an important key to managing that frustration!

One major issue is that we don’t actually know what to do when we are frustrated. We feel overwhelmed with emotions and we feel as if we will burst and explode! Our children feel the same when they are frustrated. Can you imagine feeling so bottled up and not having the skills to let you know? This is what makes managing and identifying frustration so integral – it models for our children what they can do to express their frustration in a healthy way!

Another issue becomes how to even notice when we are frustrated. Frustration can sometimes sneak up on us in the most unique ways. While we tend to know that we get frustrated when someone cuts us in line at the grocery store, we may not be as aware how frustrated we get when our plans go awry. Being aware of our frustrations is the first line of defense in learning how to manage them. And, the benefit is when we learn how to identify what makes us frustrated we can begin to teach our children to be more aware as well.

Here I talk about 2 ways that you can manage frustration in the video below:

Tell me in the comments what your main frustrations are and how you can be more aware of them?

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