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Using Empathy As An Antidote For Bullying

Bullying has become a large issue in the live sou many families. As a parent coach, I am often asked how can a parent support and help their child who has been a victim of bullying. But, I have also been asked how to tell if your child is the one doing the bullying. It can be difficult to know...[ read more ]

Coping With Mean Girl Behavior: A Talk With Annie Fox, M.Ed.

Mean Girls. As upsetting and frustrating as they are, they seem to be a huge staple of development for girls. And, given the constant media attention given to bullying and cyberbullying, you'd think there'd be more advocacy for managing this type of behavior. For me, mean girl behavior is not just a phase - it's something that we can definitely...[ read more ]

Screens & Tweens: Managing Screen Time With Your Tween

It's not a surprise that more and more kids have access to screens - from tablets to phones to video games. And, with more and more schools bringing technology into their learning environments, I know that you tween is most likely getting more screen time than you ever thought they would. But, don't fret. Although it can feel good to...[ read more ]

Parenting & Marketing: They’re More Alike Than You Think

With the way the world has changed, you'd be hard pressed to find a household that didn't have at least some connection to an entrepreneur! Whether it's you or your partner, your colleague, and/or a family member - the idea that the digital world has opened up so many opportunities for us to create flexible lives is difficult to ignore! As...[ read more ]

Talking Politics With Your Child: 3 Tips To Help Them Develop Healthy Political Views

Despite how you may feel about the government and politics, one day your child is going to be an active participant in the voting practice we all share in the United States. It can be difficult to hide our true feelings about what's happening in our political landscape - and even more so during a election period. But, as you...[ read more ]

The After-School Witching Hour: Can Your Family Survive It?

After a long day of work and school many families have very little energy left to tackle the last half of the day - which usually includes homework, dinner, some form of extracurricular activity, and eventually, sleep. In this current era of "do more", it can be so easy for your family to try to cram as much into that...[ read more ]

Why Calming Down Sucks: 3 Human Ways To Actually Get Your Child To Manage Their Emotions

A common concern for many of us is learning how to calm down and not feeling overwhelmed when we have big, intense emotions. For children, it can feel even harder to do this! In this video we talk about why it sucks to calm down and strategies that you can use to help your child learn to manage those intense...[ read more ]

Making Coping Skills Work In Your Family

We've all heard about using coping skills to help manage tense situations in our families. But, how do you make these coping skills stick? How do you create coping skills that you and your family will actually use? In today's video I talk about how to make coping skills work in your family (hint: it's more about practice than perfection!)...[ read more ]

Why Meltdowns Are So Annoying & How To Cope With Them!

The fun (*insert sarcasm*) thing about having kids is that meltdowns are an inevitable part of life. From not wanting to do chores, to siblings battles, and everything in between, you deal with your share of emotional meltdowns from your kid - and let's be honest, they're pretty annoying! But, why do they trigger you so much and how can...[ read more ]

Learning Your Family’s Love Language

Learning our family's love language can really enhance and strengthen the relationships we have with each other! Although the original concept of love languages was created for couples, the idea that we all have specific ways that we like to give and receive love is present in all the relationships we have! Want to take the quizzes I mentioned in...[ read more ]