The Family Couch

The Weekly Skill: Parent Support Groups

When working with parents, I’ve heard the same tune: “I don’t need a parents support group!” Some parents have told me that they don’t have time or that they don’t know where to go. For some reason, many parents feel that going to a support group is a weakness or shows that they don’t know what they’re doing. Well, newsflash,...[ read more ]

The Weekly Skill: Respect Your Children

Interesting title, huh? You’re probably wondering why I think entering the world of respect is scary, right? Well, let’s take a look at that. Respect your children. Simple enough. Most parents would argue that they do this all the time. I wouldn’t argue with them. Respect your children when they’re not respecting you. Uh-oh. Now we’re getting somewhere. Is this...[ read more ]

The Weekly Skill: Reconnect in the Summer

Summertime is Reconnect Time!! With the summer coming up, most parents are scrambling to find something for their child to do for the summer. But, instead of giving you a list of places to take your child, I’m thinking that most parents don’t think of things they can do for free, at home, to build their relationship with their child....[ read more ]

It’s Okay, We Know You’re Human!

The "Parenting as a Relationship" series: The Parenting Skills Concepts | Study Your Children | The Secret Teaching Tool I remember the first time I realized that my mother was a human being. She was sitting at her desk, pouring over bills that she had neatly and orderly listed in her blue ledger. She had her calculator out, ticking away at the...[ read more ]

The Weekly Skill: Lying

Every parent’s worst nightmare: the first time your child tells a lie. You begin to wonder if they’ll always lie. How did they even learn to lie? You may be frustrated because they lied about something that you saw them do with your own eyes. You might even be ashamed of your child now that he is lying. But, stop...[ read more ]

The Weekly Skill: Play with Your Kid

Sounds silly, right? But, interestingly enough, playing a game with your child opens the door to more than just bonding. I suggest playing a game that your child picks out. Let your child lead the game. Try not to use this time to discipline your child because he isn’t “playing right”. And, whatever you do, don’t get too competitive with...[ read more ]

Study Your Kid!!!

The "Parenting as a Relationship" series: The Parenting Skill Parenting Concepts | Parents are Human | The Secret Teaching Tool In the first blog in the “Parenting As A Relationship” series, we’ll look at how studying your child can lead to building a relationship that will last far longer than getting them to take out the trash or clean their...[ read more ]

What Is The Parenting Skill?

The Parenting Skill was created in 2011 during my last year in graduate school. I began to wonder, after working with teen parents, substance abuse parents, parents in DCFS, and parents in a school-based setting, how do parents get the help they need? My pondering drove me to think about how parents are treated if they are not what society...[ read more ]