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3 Ways To Bring More Humanness To Your Parenting

When it comes to raising kids, you have to be your real, authentic, human self - yes, even the messy parts! Your child learn how to wholly human from you - and how we choose to show them what it means to embrace the humanness is what they will take with them into their adult life! Check out the video...[ read more ]

Realistic Sibling Relationships: Setting Healthy Expectations for Siblings

I don't think a week goes by that I don't get a question from a parent asking about how to manage siblings issues in their home! As the oldest of 3, I can tell you that sibling relationships can be great, but they can also be tricky! What I often encourage parents to do is to be realistic and honest...[ read more ]

The Space Between Crooked and Straight: What Invisalign Can Teach Parents About Change

Deciding to make a change in your family can feel really exciting one minute and like the worst decision ever the next! When I decided to get Invisalign braces a little over a week ago I immediately felt great - I was ready for a change! But, I was not ready for the pain and uncomfortable feelings that came with...[ read more ]

Getting Your Tween To Talk To You!

It can be so funny to watch our tweens and teens have these amazing conversations online and via text, but completely go silent when you start talking to them! It can also be frustrating! Let me share with you four tips you can use to get your tween to talk to you and it not feel like pulling teeth! No...[ read more ]

Managing Conflicts Between You And Your Child

Have you ever wondered if there was anything you can do to manage the conflicts that arise between you and your child? Well, guess what? There is something you can do! Check out the video below! Don't have time to watch? Read the transcript below!  One of the things I hear about a lot when I'm working with families is: how...[ read more ]

[Guest Post] Are You Missing The Signs of Anxiety In Your Toddler?

Children who develop anxiety often show subtle signs at a very young age. Many times parents and even many mental health professionals miss these early signs, as they do typically not look like anxiety. Some early precursors to anxiety are not fear related issues, but rather behavioral and sensory processing issues. Children with sensory issues are much more prone to...[ read more ]

[Guest Post] Getting Real: Talking About Substance Abuse With Your Teen

Guest Post By Tyler Jacobson Raising drug free teens, now that is a job! In today’s world, it is not an easy one either. Drugs are everywhere. However, as a parent you are not defenseless. There is so much you can do to help your teens make the decision to be drug free. These tips will help you and your...[ read more ]

My Favorite Parenting Podcasts

Podcasts are a new way for us to get the information we need and love without having to stop what we're doing to listen! Igot into podcasts last year when I got bluetooth in my car. It was miraculous! I could turn on my bluetooth, select what podcast I wanted to listen to, and drive while learning something new each...[ read more ]

Part 5: Your Family on Tech

This is part five of the 5-part series: Relationships Are Complicated! Check out parts one, two, three, and four. We live in a world where technology and social media take up so much space in our lives. Between emails, random notifications, texting, and all those annoying Facebook game requests, it can feel like we are losing our ability to connect with others. While we...[ read more ]

Part 4: Power With or Power Over

This is part four of the 5-part series: Relationships Are Complicated! Check out parts one, two, three, and five. I grew up hearing this old adage “I’m not your friend, I’m your mother!” Did you, too? My mom loved to throw that at me whenever she was about to bring down the hammer hard and I always remember thinking, rather sarcastically, “I wouldn’t be...[ read more ]