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3 Ways To Use Your Parenting Goggles Effectively

We all see the world through different lenses. Sometimes it helps us be more aware and vigilant in how we interact with our environment, and sometimes it makes us misjudge how we interact. But, all in all, we use these lenses to navigate our lives. The same is true for our parenting lenses, which I have cleverly names parenting goggles. At...[ read more ]

3 Ways To Reduce Parent Shaming

"Parent shaming hurts families because we take away the parent's power and instead tell them to do what society's every changing ideals believes to be right or wrong." Mercedes Samudio The idea of parent shaming has been on my mind a lot in the past few months, and more recently with the media coverage of the Baltimore mother. When I think...[ read more ]

What We Learned From The Baltimore Momma!

What is the deal with shaming parents in our society? To all the parents and families who chose to hit, yell, or discipline their children the best way they know how this video is for you. Without pandering to the sensationalism of the recent media coverage of a mother in Baltimore chastising her son for participating in the riots, I...[ read more ]

Should I Let My Child Watch That Show or That Movie?

It's a pretty common occurrence to hear this question from parents that I work with: Should I let my child watch that show? Should I let my child watch that new movie? You're not alone in wanting to know if a certain movie or television show is suitable for your child. I don't always advise parents to restrict or ban...[ read more ]

The Tech You Need In Your Home To Encourage Healthy Device & Internet Usage!!

Is there a way to encourage and teach my child healthy device and internet usage? While researching ways to help families create safe and healthy habits around device and internet usage, I stumbled upon a few products that I thought were amazing. One of those products was the KoalaSafe wireless router box that allows parents to customize how the internet...[ read more ]

Helping Your Child Find Their Voice

  There is a cute meme that I have seen over and over again on social media that says that parents want their child to be able to stand up for themselves, be assertive, and get their needs met, but not while the child is in their home. While that may be said in jest, many of you can relate...[ read more ]

2 Traits That Support Effective Parenting

  We put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be a perfect parent. And when it comes to really feeling like you are be a great parent, you most likely already have what it takes! In this video, I'll be sharing with you the two traits that that will support effective parenting and will also decrease the guilt and stress that comes with...[ read more ]

[Guest Post] Understanding The Gender Spectrum

Guest Post by Susan Berland Most of us think of gender as the sex we were born – it’s a girl, it’s a boy. I will refer to that as the gender assigned at birth. For most of us, we feel like the gender we were assigned at birth and we present as the gender we were assigned at birth.That...[ read more ]

Exploring The Myth of Respect

I often work with families who share that they are not respected in their home or that someone in the family is disrespectful. The interesting thing about these claims is that many of us are working with an everyday definition of what respect means. This confusion can create frustration and tension in your home. The textbook definition of respect is:...[ read more ]

Does Your Kid Have A “Bad Attitude”?

One of the many amazing things that happens to our children as they grow up is the develop a really expressive personality! Sometimes that personality is a welcome addition to our lives, and sometimes it can be a source of frustration and confusion for our families. And, when their personalities manifest in anger, eye rolls, and nasty language it can...[ read more ]