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[Guest Post] When Your Child Comes Out As Gay or Lesbian

Guest Post by Susan Berland You recently heard the words, “Mom, Dad, I’m gay.” or “Mom, Dad, I’m a lesbian.” Your reaction might range from “Honey, I’ve known for a long time. I love you just the way you are. I’m proud of you for telling us.” to “Honey, we love you but you know that’s a sin. We can’t...[ read more ]

“I Don’t Know Where They Learned That!”: Coping With A New Behavior

In this video, I’ll talk to you about what to do to not kill your kid and to effectively guide them through the appropriate use of their new talent, behavior, or word. I know it’s an occurrence that happens no matter how old your child is! And, these two tips will help you to manage this behavior in an empathetic...[ read more ]

10 Button Pushing Tactics and 3 Ways To Remain Calm

Living together will ultimately cause you to get on each other’s nerves! There is no way to live under the same roof and not get sick of looking at the other person. If you can do that, please write a book and send me an advanced copy because I have not figured it out yet! You already know this though....[ read more ]

Make It Safe: 5 Ways To Create A Safe Space In Your Home

A lot of the time we need a space to dump out all of our stuff – what happened in our day, how we were treated by someone, what successes we had, things we accomplished, and just to rant about something trivial. Everyone needs this type of space and for our children it is so integral to their emotional and...[ read more ]

Building Your Child’s Emotional Literacy

A child's emotional vocabulary is so integral to their development and their well being. Parents sometimes don't think that children have strong emotions. However, children not only have strong emotions, but they feel them just as much as adults do. The only difference between a child's emotions and an adult's is that the child does not have the words to...[ read more ]

The Label Monster: Reframing The Labels We Use With Our Children

When I was growing up lots of labels got thrown my way that were not conducive to my development. I heard words and phrase like: “You’re stupid,” “You’re so lazy,” “You’re not like him or her,” “You’re too short,” “You need braces,” and other not so nice things. I internalized a lot of it and it led me to have...[ read more ]

Awesome Parenting Tips For Parenting Raising Children In Today’s World

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The Identity of Siblings

Siblings are built in friends, confidants, and partners in crime. Having a siblings helps to reduce boredom and gives you a person to talk to when the rest of the world kicks your butt! And, siblings give you the social skills needed to function in the world. Whether you’re the oldest, the youngest, the middle, you’re 2 years apart or...[ read more ]

The 5 Foundational Skills To Enhance Your Parenting

When we think of what skills create a foundation for our parenting which ones come to mind? For me, there are 5 skills that I love to encourage my parents to develop and use in their daily lives for themselves and for their families. These 5 skills are linked in that they can be used to not only enhance your...[ read more ]

3 Strategies To Help Your Kid Be A Master

Working with school aged kids and tweens allows me to get a good understanding of this age group and what they need to feel heard and to develop. A major issue that comes up is that kids in this age group need to feel like they are accomplishing things. Kids who are between 7-12 years old are starting to explore...[ read more ]