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Meet Awareness, Your Most Formidable Parenting Skill

Becoming aware of what’s going on in your environment allows you to make the most effective and practical decision. Once you understand a certain situation or a particular incident you automatically become aware that it exists and can be more prepared if something similar comes up again! For some, awareness is synonymous with defensiveness. For others, awareness sparks fear and...[ read more ]

What Is It Like To Work With Me?

There are so many people on the internet. Whenever I go to search for an expert in anything on Google I not only get tons of results, but I also get a lot of ads. What I also get are companies and people screaming at me about how great their service is or how amazing their product is. It can...[ read more ]

What’s With All The Tween Hating? – How To Be A Guide For Your Tween

“I love tweens,” I said to a colleague recently at a networking event. Her face distorted and she said without missing a beat, “Really?” I smiled and shared, “Yeah, I really do. I love their blossoming personalities, their defiant stances on all things authority, and how they are just now starting to ralize that the world might be bigger than...[ read more ]

5 Tools Every Parent Should Have In Their Toolbelt

It’s hard to be a parent, that much is true. And, it’s even more difficult to parent when you’re not equipped with the rright strategies to work with your children. Schedules, long days, homework, games, practices, and don’t forget eating and sleeping: all this is to be accomplished by you each day! But how? How do you manage to get...[ read more ]

“Is My Kid Just Bad?” Oppositional Defiant Disorder in School Aged Children and Tweens

I’ve written on this subject in the past, and continue to revisit it because I think that it is a common diagnosis that parents of school aged children and tweens commonly encounter. What I have noticed with this age range is that the diagnosis is usually given to children who are seen as the “bad kid” and it is normally...[ read more ]

Sharing Your Inner Geek! 3 Ways to Share Your Interests With Your Kids

I am a geek. I love Batman. I’ve seen all the Marvel movies (multiple times)! I read comics (just finished “The Runaways” by Brian K. Vaughn). And I wear snarky, geeky t-shirts that say things like, “I only care about three things:  Harry Potter, food, and like 2 other people!” And, guess what? My kid is mostly like going to be...[ read more ]

4 Ways To Get Past Your Parenting Head Trash

As a parent coach, it is my role in your family to help you move from frustration to confidence in their parenting. A lot of the techniques that I use feel weird and uncomfortable, while others feel familiar and easy to do. But, no matter the level of difficulty or ease the techniques I present are, I still hear this...[ read more ]

My Top 5 Favorite Parenting Sites & Blogs

There are a lot of parenting resources out there! I mean A LOT! If you type “parenting” into the Google search box you will get thousands of results – some helpful, some not so helpful! So, it can be a daunting task to search and find the best parenting resources and sites that will actually help you on your parenting...[ read more ]

No More “Get Over It”: Helping Your Child Move Through Grief

When I was growing up, telling someone to “get over it” was common practice. The idea that another person knew when you should stop grieving over a particular issue was something that I never thought to challenge. I would find myself telling me cousins to “get over it” when they were crying about something, especially if I was the one...[ read more ]

5 Things Happy Parents Do Differently

There are times where you are rocking it as a parent. You’ve got all your ducks in row; you chauferred everyone to their respective events on time; you caught up on your emails; and you even had a an extra hour to catch up on “How To Get Away With Murder” (okay, maybe that’s just me…that show is so good!)...[ read more ]