The Family Couch

Why Empathy Is More Important Than Technique!

A few weeks ago I published a post that talked about using nonviolent communication in your parenting. That post introduced you to the idea of nonviolent parenting, or as I like to think of it, parenting from the heart! When we parent from a place of love and nurturing and keep our focus on building connection we can guide our...[ read more ]

Learn How To Fight With Your Kid!

“I hate when we fight,” a mother once said to me. “Every time we fight I feel like she gets more and more distant from me.” The mother who made this statement sounds like many other parents who I have encountered over the years. It seems like when families argue there is this dread that it will turn out bad....[ read more ]

What Age Can My Child Get A Social Media Account?

When I began working with families the internet was nowhere near the behemoth that it is today! The most a kid could do online was illegally download music, mess around on AOL instant messenger (dating myself here!), and get into zany conversations via message boards and chat rooms. But, since the increase of social media sites and online gaming communities,...[ read more ]

Parenting In Today’s World

“What are the most essential parenting skills needed to be a parent in this day and age?” That’s the question I asked colleagues who work with families or in the mental health field. They all answered with one common them: connect with your child! And, while that may feel like an impossible task in this age of phones, tablets, and...[ read more ]

What’s Love Got To Do With It?!

During this time of the year, we are inundated with love – from cards, to flowers, to chocolates! And, while we all enjoy the festiveness of Valentine’s Day, I have to stop and ask what’s love got to do with it!? What I’m asking is: How do we really show love to one another? How do we show the one’s...[ read more ]

Are You A Jackal Parent? Using Nonviolent Communication In Your Parenting

“Certain ways of communicating alienate us from our natural state of compassion” Marshall B. Rosenberg The main thing that I facilitate in my sessions with parents is communication. Communication is the way we interact, the way we learn about one another, and the way we get our needs and wants in life. But, very few families know how to communicate...[ read more ]

Fear and Failure…And Parenting

I’m just going to come out and say it – it’s okay to use discipline to help your child, but it is not okay to use discipline to control your child. The idea that you, the parent, are a guide for your child through their life should be taken seriously. You are not here to control them and make them...[ read more ]

Your Parent Card Has Been Replaced

"[Parental burnout] often can start from a good place, such as wanting the best for children, but can head into feeling pressured to meet an impossible standard and/or pressuring children to meet impossible standards" ~ Robin F. Goodman, PhD   Last week, I stung you a bit. I told you that being a parent is the same as being human. I...[ read more ]

“Parent” Is Just a Title: So Get Over Yourself!

We’ve become accustomed to titles and labels being a source of accomplishment. We think that when we get that degree, that promotion, that new income bracket, that we have made it. And to be honest, the American/Western society embraces it. It’s why I’m thousands of dollars in debt – going to way too expensive colleges just for the name! The...[ read more ]

Forgiveness And Your Relationship with Your Child

One of the few things that I hold close to me is the idea of forgiveness. As I’ve matured, I’ve struggled with what it truly means to forgive and what forgiveness (or the lack thereof) can do to a relationship. When I talk to parents about this idea I usually get a stream of comments and perspectives: “I can’t keep...[ read more ]