Challenge Yourself!

“It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching to see what we do with ours. I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do it reach for it myself.” ~Joyce Maynard

What happens when we challenge ourselves? That is the question I pose to you for today’s post. I want you to think of the ways that you can challenge yourself as a parent. Take a minute to think of one thing you would like to stop doing as parent (yelling, missing events, spending too much time at work, fretting about small stuff, worrying about your to-do list). Now, take a minute and think of one thing you would love to keep doing or start doing as a parent (spending more time at home, playing more with your kid, reading more with your child, participating at the school more). What one thing did you come up with that you would like to stop and that you would like to begin? I am going to ask you to write it down and keep reading.

parenting, , parenting skills, parenting, parent coach, parent coach los angeles, parent coach orange county, parent skills, mercedes samudio lcswI just completed a 30 day blog challenge for one reason alone – to be more accountable about giving you content that you can actually use. This blog challenge has really shown me that when I am intentional about what I post I am serving you and supporting you on your parenting journey. I challenged myself to complete 30 days of blogging and I am humbled by what I have shared and given to you! If you have ever thought of starting a blog to share your experiences as a parent or a space to write down your awesomeness, I encourage you to take the 30 day blogging challenge. I say that because you do have awesomeness to write about as a parent, and you have insights that no one but you knows because no one but you has lived with your family. But, that’s beside the point! Overall, I completed the 30 day blogging challenge as a way for me to get real about creating content that you can actually use as a parent and to get honest about what I have to offer! You are such an inspiration to me and I want to thank you for being the awesome parent that you are!

I also realized that I have a lot to say about parenting and what it means to be an effective parent in today’s world. I love social media, I am pro-technology, I have a useful understanding of bullying/cyber-bullying, and I can help you develop a great relationship with your child that helps you both grow and develop in a healthy way. And, that’s not me bragging. That’s me sharing my passion with you! If you’re new to this blog, you’ll realize very quickly that I am on this parenting journey with you. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, then you know that I am on this parenting journey with you! See what I did there! I do not want you to think that I have all the answers, and I don’t want you to rely on me. I want to give you the confidence to be an effective and nurturing leader in your family, and the space to know when you need to get support and help as your raise your child. Essentially, this 30 day blogging challenge helped me to realize that I love supporting you on your parenting journey – and there’s nothing you can do about it!

But back to you challenging yourself as a parent! Let’s look at how you can complete your challenge in three steps:

  1. Commit to the change: This seems easy on the surface, but when life starts kicking it up a notch it can be hard to remember what you’re trying to start and stop. For example, if you are trying to stop yelling, commit to not yelling 2 days a week and work your way up.
  2. Build in relapse: You might think that this is negative thinking, but it’s actually the best way to keep yourself on track. You should know that if you want to start spending more time with your children, that things will come up to disrupt that challenge for yourself. But, instead of giving up because one week you had to reschedule family time, remind yourself that relapse into old ways is part of the process and that you can start again the next week.
  3. Be confident in yourself: Change is really difficult, and challenging yourself to start or stop a behavior can be frustrating. Still, be confident that you are making progress and know that just deciding to make a change is a great first step! You can also track your progress by letting your family know what you’re challenging yourself to start or stop and let them cheer you on.

The main point of challenging yourself as a parent is that you are always evolving and learning new things about yourself. Also when you push yourself (in a healthy way) to do something different you are being a model for your child that it is okay to take risks and challenge how you do things! I have confidence in you!

Tell me in the comments how you are going to challenge yourself or how you have challenged yourself in the past!

P.S. – I’ve created a 7 Day Parenting Challenge for you if you’re interested in jumping into a challenge right now!

6 thoughts on “Challenge Yourself!”

  1. Judy says:

    Yes, I agree 110% with being a role model to children at what ever age they are. Try new things, it’s ok to push yourself and don’t stop growing. That’s what I believe too about my fairly new role as a granny. I have to a role model now to my granddaughter, it can’t wait until she’s 5 or 10.

    1. Welcome Judy! I love that you are still being a role model to your family, even after your own children have grown up! I think that is a great example of life long development. We can get stuck in age stages and feel that once we reach a certain age that’s it for us! But, I think that continuing to model for our families what it looks like to challenge ourselves at every age is a great way to motivate and encourage them! Thanks for sharing your insights and please feel free to share your thoughts on other posts!

  2. Jessica says:

    What challenge should I do I am 9 turning 10

    1. Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for your question. And, congrats on almost being 10! It’s a very exciting time, right? Since you asked, I’ll offer my advice. But, the catch is I encourage you to share the challenge with your mom, dad, or whomever you live with. So, are you ready for my favorite challenge?! I think the challenge you should do is the “I Am Somebody” challenge. What you do for this challenge is you tell yourself every second of the day that “I Am Somebody”, and after two days of that you get a friend to do it too. Then, that friend gets their other friend to do it too. I know it sounds silly, but you’d be surprised at the awesomeness that comes from telling yourself that “I Am Somebody” daily and surrounding yourself with friends who are doing the same. I’d love to know how that goes for you, Jessica! 🙂

  3. eva says:

    Great post! But more than the content, you’ve inspired me to do my own blog challenge. Can you send me the link, please?

    1. Welcome Eva! Thanks for the kind words! I’ll definitely send you the link for the blog challenge. Way to challenge yourself! 🙂

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