Shame-Proof Parenting: Find Your Unique Parenting Voice, Feel Empowered, And Raise Whole, Healthy Children [AUDIOBOOK]

AN AMAZON #1 BESTSELLER (in the Fatherhood category)

2017 INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS FINALIST (in the Parenting & Family category)

How do you know if you’re doing this parenting thing right?

When your preschooler throws a tantrum, when your tween receives a crushing text message from her friend, when your teenager starts to act out in rebellion, what do you do? You worry your reaction is just going to make everything worse and drive a wedge between you and your child. And then your mother will call to say, “I told you so.”

Typical parenting advice doesn’t help, either. Your child’s behavior is still a problem, and you are still sinking in self-doubt. But you are not alone, and there is a way for you to rebuild a healthy relationship with your child.

In this book, you will:

  • Learn how to communicate with your child, in a way you both feel understood,
  • Manage behaviors so that both of you feel respected,
  • Create your Unique Parenting Manual so that you and your child can grow together, rather than apart,
  • Finally feel confident in your ability to raise a whole, healthy child.

With judgemental stares, off-hand comments, and outright intervention, our society shames parents, who are simply trying their best to raise children. In bearing that burden, parents pass the shame on to their own children. It’s time to stop shaming each other. As you find your own parenting voice in the pages of this book, let’s work together to #endparentshaming and to turn to each other for support in this difficult journey of raising beautiful, complicated children.

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