Engaging Parents: A Clinician’s Roadmap To Empowering Parents and Creating Change In Families

Engaging Parents: A Clinician’s Roadmap To Empowering Parents and Creating Change In Families

Working with families can be so rewarding! But it can also be challenging!

Are you a clinician who would love to have an empowering and life-changing therapeutic relationship with the parents you work with?

As therapists, we know first-hand how challenging it can be to engage parents in a clinical setting. In order to help the family heal, the clinician must first get a buy-in from the parent(s).

Even experienced clinicians sometimes feel they are fighting a losing battle when working with parents who are challenging, argumentative, fearful, closed, or angry.

Learning specific tools to work with parents more effectively and smoothly not only increases therapeutic success, it decreases cancellations, early termination, and the power struggle that can be so exhausting at times.

In this two-hour webinar, licensed clinical social worker, parenting coach, expert, speaker, and author, Mercedes Samudio, LCSW, will be focusing on what it means to work effectively with challenging parents so that you can create a collaborative team and keep them engaged during the healing journey.

Mercedes will walk you through a dynamic webinar as she shares strategies she has developed to bypass the parental power struggle trap – helping you learn to develop a therapeutic alliance that empowers parents and heals families.

Additionally, Mercedes will demonstrate how she conveys the importance of the family’s reliance on the strength of a confident parent, especially during times of increased stress and emotional upheaval.

By the end of this webinar, you will have a new set of useful and effective strategies to engage parents, overcome therapeutic barriers, and manage common family system challenges to promote successful healing.

What Will I Learn In This Engaging Webinar?

A sense of confidence to support and work with parents effectively

A set of tools that you can use to overcome parental barriers in treatment with families

A set of strategies to bring in when there has been a rupture in your therapeutic relationship with a parent

An understanding of the process of parental identity development

The ability to recognize parental defense mechanisms and work through them with a parent

A working definition of parent shaming and how to avoid it in your work with parents

A set of strategies for developing a therapeutic relationship with parents (i.e., buy-in)

The ability to recognize countertransference when working with parents and how to cope with it

What to do when crises arise with parents and their families

Interventions that match the parent’s current level of functioning

Who Is This Webinar For?

This webinar is for clinical therapists, clinical interns, alternative healers, play therapists, clinical supervisors, and mental health advocates.

As you do this heart work with parents and their families, you need to feel supported as well. When your bucket is full, and when you have the tools that you need to help families heal, you will feel more empowered in your work!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included with the webinar?

When you purchase a seat for the webinar you get: Access to the live webinar (and ability to ask questions during the Q&A), lifetime access to the recording of the webinar (you can download it to your computer and listen to again & again), a copy of the Engaging Parents ebook/workbook, and access to the MP3 audio of the webinar.

Are there CEs available for the webinar?

At the time, CEs are available.

Are there discounts available for the webinar?

At the present time, there are no discounts for the webinar. It is set at a pretty reasonable price for professionals.

Can I use this for my staff?

If you are a supervisor and/or working for a non-profit, you can use this webinar for your staff. You will need to purchase a seat for each staff member present at the webinar and you will need to send a list of names for all those in attendance. I can also do a private webinar designed for your staff as well. Please email me at mercedes@shameproofparenting.com for more details on purchasing this webinar for your staff.

How will I get the webinar materials after the webinar airs?

After the webinar airs, you will receive an email with all the downloads included with the webinar. Please make sure that you email you use to register is the email where you can accept files and links. The materials will be in a Dropbox folder and available for you to access as long the material is available. You DO NOT need a Dropbox account to access the materials.

What if I miss the live webinar or cannot attend live?

The webinar will be recorded. So, if you purchase a seat to the webinar but cannot attend live, you will still get an email with the recording and all the downloads included after the live webinar airs.

Can I use this material in my practice?

Yes, you can use this material with clients and in your practice. The material is copyright, so if you use it for training staff or for teaching, I ask that you have the register for the next webinar. I spend a lot of time creating a webinar with my original ideas and words, and I would love to share that content with anyone who needs and wants it. So, please be sure to send any colleagues, employees, or supervisees to this page to register for the webinar. But, if you are just using it in your work with clients, then you are free to do so.

How Do To Register For This Webinar?

Please complete the registration form below to be notified when the next webinar will be offered.

This is a virtual webinar, which means that you can register to attend the webinar live.

The webinar will have a Q&A portion, so please feel free to bring questions, case examples, and your own insights to help bridge the gap between learning and execution.

I look forward to supporting you on your journey to serving and healing families.

If you have questions or want to learn more about this training, please contact us at mercedes@shameproofparenting.com.

When’s The Next Webinar?

The next webinar is scheduled for:

Friday, October 26th at 10:00am PST

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Praise From Past Webinars

This is a must-see for clinicians who work with children and families.
Webinar Participant
Great delivery! Enjoyed how she highlighted storytelling, the defense mechanisms that parents employ, and how to address them in a non-defensive, supportive way.
Webinar Participant
I truly enjoyed it! So glad to have recently learned about Mercedes' work. I really appreciated that Mercedes allotted a lot of time for Q&A. Would have liked to hear other people's questions to learn from them, but I also had plenty of my own! The best part was Mercedes sharing personal examples with clients. That rendered all the info to be very applicable. Look forward to future webinars.
Veronica Garcia, MSW
Thank you again for the wonderful webinar!
Webinar Participant
I want to thank you for such an AWESOME webinar!! Thank you so much for taking the challenge to do this. You really packed the hour with so much good information and so organized! I loved how present you were and how strong and clear your energy was during the presentation. You were on it! :)
Webinar Participant