Fathering To The Strengths of Your Children

f28b09355674486765eeBeing able to speak with Wayne Jones was such a treat. Wayne is a father, grandfather, and co-author (along with his wife) of Great Parenting Skills (GPS) for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality.

We talked about how father’s can develop their skill set, what roles does a father play in their family, how grandfathers can be a supportive force in their family unit, and being able to trust your gut as a father. Wayne really believes that a fathering to the strengths of your child will not only help them develop, but will also enhance the relationship between father and child.

Listen to the interview below:


waynesmWayne Jones is a father, grandfather, and an experienced educator, having taught students from Kindergarten through secondary school as well as adult education. He co-authored the book, “Great Parenting Skills (GPS) for Navigating Your Kid’s Personality,” with his wife as a guide with practical strategies for raising children in a positive environment that enhances your kid’s specific nature. You can learn more about Wayne and purchase the book here.


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