Let’s #EndParentShaming

You’ve seen the hashtag, now join the movement!

The #endparentshaming campaign is in full effect! I have had this idea for a while and I am so excited to invite you to participate!


Join me on a mission to #endparentshaming!

When I began this campaign this year, I had no idea that I would receive messages from parents who felt empowered and ready to stand up to those who shamed them as they raised their children. Just by taking a risk and sharing this hashtag on every social media post I share, parents and caregivers have begun to see that being shamed for how they choose to raise their children is no longer acceptable!

For those of you who have been following me across the internet, you know that I have written about this in the past (here and here). And, my #endparentshaming campaign was even featured in The Huffington Post Parents section (you can read that article here). But, I am only one person! While that’s been enough so far, I know that if we raise our voices load enough we can really begin to make a stand and shift our culture’s perspective on how we talk about parenting and how we support parents.

So, with this #endparentshaming campaign I am asking you to raise your voice – in the form of a video or picture – and let your stand against shaming, blaming, and criticizing parents be heard! Take a look below for details on how to join this movement. And, please feel free to send any questions or concerns to info@shameproofparenting.com!

Details and FAQ

Your contribution to the #endparentshaming campaign begins whenever you are ready! There is no start or end date because this a movement to change the way we talk about parenting in our society!

What is parent shaming?

Parent shaming is “any judgement made by someone towards a parent/caregiver about their parenting that does not help them become more effective in their parenting”. 1 The campaign is not to dismiss the abuse of children by their parents. But, it’s to shed light on the fact that when we shame parents, we isolate them. We lay the foundation for frustration, anger, and guilt to stay hidden. We create an unsafe space for parents who don’t want to reach out. When parents feel isolated and unheard, that’s really the breeding ground for the abuse and trauma that families have to endure alone and without support!

What is the #endparentshaming campaign?

The #EndParentShaming campaign is a social media campaign much like the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. But, instead of throwing ice water on ourselves or donating money to an organization, we are deciding to use our voices and our pictures to bring awareness to a subtle, yet detrimental, aspect of our culture – the erroneous idea that shaming others brings about change.

Who can be a part of the campaign?

You do not have to be a parent to participate because we all know that “it takes a village to raise a child.” We are the voice for parents, families, and children. When we speak up against parent shaming, we are saying that we want parents to feel safe enough to reach out for help and support and not feel shame or guilt for doing so. If you are a parent, caregiver, professional, human – you can be a part of this campaign and movement!

How can I help?

You can help via these options:

  1. Use the templates below to create a short video holding up the sign and explaining why you’re supporting the #endparentshaming campaign
  2. Use the templates below to take a picture holding up the sign that explains why you are supporting the #endparentshaming campaing

Do I need to do this?

In the grand scheme of things, no! There are a lot of causes worth speaking up for and I think that you have to make that choice. But, this is my mission and my cause! I would love for you to join me on this mission and I would love to hear your voice raised high in the movement to #endparentshaming

What’s the end goal for the #endparentshaming campaign?

The end goal is to start a dialogue in our society that challenges us to really look at how we see parents and parenting, how we see families, and what it does to our society when families are struggling to stay connected without support. Overall, I hope to bring awareness to our own thoughts about our parenting, our parent’s parenting, and how we support one another’s parenting journey’s. There is no monetary goal. There is not material goal. Just the idea that when a group of people raise their voice high enough and in solidarity for positive change we can be the change we wish to see in the world!

Templates You Can Use

Print these templates out (in landscape mode) and use for your video or picture!

#EndParentShaming signs to write your own reasons

2 1 3


#EndParentShaming signs without writing your own reasons

6 5 4

What will it look like?

If you choose to do a picture:


If you choose to do a video:

Click here to see video

Where do I share the videos/pictures?

You can send your videos to info@shameproofparenting.com.

Or, you can send them to me via social media:

*To send your videos and pics via social media, tag either profile below and add the hashtag #endparentshaming to your post! Questions, please email me!*

I cannot wait to see your videos and pictures! We are going to make noise and we are going to be heard!!

Thanks so much for participating and being a part of the movement to #endparentshaming!


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