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Favorite PodcastsPodcasts are a new way for us to get the information we need and love without having to stop what we’re doing to listen! Igot into podcasts last year when I got bluetooth in my car. It was miraculous! I could turn on my bluetooth, select what podcast I wanted to listen to, and drive while learning something new each day! It really helped with those long, traffic riddled commutes that are as much a part of Southern California as the sunshine!

As a parent coach, I often listen to podcasts that aim to help parents and their families feel more connected and more empowered. These podcasts do more than just tell you what to do in your parenting, they get you thinking and reflecting on what you’re doing as a parent. I think the best way to make a change is to be aware, have access to the tools to change, and seek support to help make the change consistent and permanent. What’s cool about the podcasts that I am going to share with you is that they accomplish all three of those things. And, they do it effortlessly and without shaming parents! It’s a win-win for you on your parenting journey!

Without further ado, here is my list of my favorite podcasts for parents and why I love them! I encourage you to subscribe to them to get updated when new episodes air (either on your device or by signing up for their newsletter)!

Parent Nation 

This podcast is a no-nonsense look at some of the more controversial aspects of parenting! I love that the hosts doesn’t hold back in her critique of what’s going on for families and she invites guests who can provide a healthy debate on these issues that enlightens and entertains!

Mom and Dad Are Fighting

Similar to Parent Nation, this podcasts takes an awesome approach to discussing parenting issues in an enlightening way! bat The hosts tackle issues such as racial issues in schools, vaccine debates and gender through the eyes of a parent! If you like parody news shows (like The Daily Show), you’ll love this podcast!

The Longest Shortest Time

I just started listening to this podcasts after being turned on to it by a colleague! I’m loving the mix of practical topics, funny and exciting parenting anecdotes, and discussions about what life is like after baby!

Prana Boost Radio

The host of this podcast is a colleague and friend, but don’t worry about bias impeding my judgement! I love this podcast because it talks about parenting through the lens of gentle parenting. I appreciate the focus on consciousness and mindfulness in families and often gives helpful, practical tips on how to incorporate it into your everyday life!

Family Confidential: Secrets of Successful Parenting

The description of the podcast says it all: “brings you 21st Century parenting advice from experts and educators. Listen. Laugh. Learn. Strengthen your family.” I’ve been a follower of Annie’s for a while and I love the guests she has on the podcasts! Check it out if you enjoy hearing a variety of viewpoints from experts in the parenting field!

Zen Parenting Radio

The mix of emotional and logical is the main focus on this podcasts and I love how it doesn’t ask you to pick one. We are all creatures who equally benefit from feeling felt and being rational – the topics and guests on this podcast encourage you to incorporate both aspects of your self into your parenting – and how to teach your child to do the same!

I hope you enjoy the podcasts that I’ve shared with you and that you can add them to your subscribe list! I know your parenting will be greatly enhanced by listening! And at the very least, it’ll give you something to listen to in the car instead of your kids arguing about who gets to use the tablet first!

5 thoughts on “My Favorite Parenting Podcasts”

  1. Hi Mercedes!

    Thanks for posting your favorite parenting podcasts to share with us 🙂

    I’m glad you exposed me to a few new ones here because I’ve never heard of some of these and look forward to checking some of them out.

    And guess what? I’m getting interviewed on Parent Nation tomorrow! I’m very excited. Hope you can tune in to hear about kids and test-taking anxiety.

    All my best,

  2. Oh!

    I forgot to mention, you might want to also check out the “We Choose Respect ParentCast.” They take a non-violent approach to parenting that seems very similar to your philosophies. They have an interesting variety of guests on the show and discuss a range of topics related to parenting.

    I highly recommend the show!


    1. Hi Natalie! Thanks for your kind words and congrats on getting onto the podcast!! Also, I appreciate you sharing with me a new podcast to check out! It’s so cool how technology has allowed us to access helpful and useful information from anywhere! Looking forward to seeing your thoughts about other blogs on the site!

  3. Denny Coates says:

    A wonderful resource! Have you seen ?

    1. Welcome to the blog, Dr. Coates. Thanks for your kind words! Podcasts are becoming my go to way to get more learning into my life! I have not heard of that podcast, but I will add it to my list to check out! Thanks for the recommendation!

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