Sharing Your Inner Geek! 3 Ways to Share Your Interests With Your Kids

I am a geek.

I love Batman. I’ve seen all the Marvel movies (multiple times)! I read comics (just finished “The Runaways” by Brian K. Vaughn). And I wear snarky, geeky t-shirts that say things like, “I only care about three things:  Harry Potter, food, and like 2 other people!” And, guess what? My kid is mostly like going to be a geek too! So, there!

But, what about you? What quirky, cool, fanatical obsession do you have that you’re willing to share (or have shared) with your kids? Stop for a minute and really think about it!

I feel that along with getting them to school and making sure they’re safe, we also get to also show our children how to be human and live in a world full of possibilitgeek parenting, parenting, , parenting skills, parenting, parent coach, parent coach los angeles, parent coach orange county, parent skills, mercedes samudio lcswies. When we share with our kids our favorite movies growing up (mine was the first Power Rangers movie that I watched 6 times in one day) or our favorite outside games that we played with the neighborhood kids (I loved TV Tag) we show them a world that is exciting and fun! When we open up to our kids about what excites us about life we open up a door for them into worlds and ideas that don’t have to be link to schedules, to-do lists, and clean rooms!

As I was looking for examples of parents reveling in their interests, I came upon a few that I wanted to share. One podcast I found, The Geek Dads, talks about what it feels like to raise kids in this world of technology and entertainment all while sharing their quirky-ness with their children. Another blog I found embracing their quirkiness, The Quirky Parent, is a great example of sharing your love for adventure and life with your children. And, this foodie parent at Hip Foodie Mom, shares not only recipes but how she infuses her love of food with her family and children. These examples of parents sharing their passions or interests are just a few of the ways that you can begin to show more of your human side too!

But, if you’re still scratching your head at what to share or how to share, check out these 4 ways to wave your {insert passion here] flag:

Go to an event

For geeks, Comic-Con is a mecca of awesomeness where you are immersed in 4 days of comic books, superheroes, aliens, and great costumes. It’s pretty much heaven for a geek. For you and your interests, take a kids to a foodie convention, a renaissance fair, or a crafting event. You might think that they will hate it, but you’d be surprised how much you can introduce your children to when they see how passionate and interested you are in something.

Plan a day to explore

A great way to introduce your child to your interests and passions is to take a few hours, or even a day, to show them what it’s all about. But, don’t make it a lecture. Take them to actually do it, or show them yourself. For example, if you love crafts go to a store where you can test out the crafting materials and let you child find a craft medium they like playing with while showing them your favorite medium. Or, if you’re into doing adventurous stuff, take a day to go check it out. The important part is that through watching you enjoy your interests you child is getting exposure to something new.

Do a family activity version of your interest

As a geek, a cool family activity would be to watch a superhero movie. For a foodie parent, a cool family activity would be to try a new recipe. And, for a literature fan a cool family activity would be to read a short book together then watch the movie adaptation and discuss the book-to-movie differences. The idea of this strategy is to engage your whole family in something that you love but still giving them the space to share their opinions too.

It can be fun and a little scary to share yourself this way with your kids, especially if your interests are a little offbeat. Funny thing is your kid probably already knows what your interests are and wouldn’t mind knowing about something you love. Sharing with them your interests can open the door for relationship building and your child sharing their interests with you! It’s a win-win for your parent-child relationship!

Share your interests below and how you have shared (or plan to share) them with your child!

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