Terms of Purchase

You will have to check that you agree to these terms before purchasing any item from our store.


1. I understand that by downloading or purchasing any items from this site (https://shameproofparenting.com) I agree that I will use these items for personal use ONLY and understand that by sharing these items with others who have not purchased – or by copying the contents of items purchased – I will be in copyright violation.

2. IMPORTANT NOTE WHEN PURCHASING DOWNLOADS: Please download within 48 hours after purchasing through your laptop or computer. DO NOT download through a smartphone or iPhone as the link may not be live.

3. You can only download an item two (2) times. After that, you will not be allowed to re-download the item again without repurchasing said item.

4. Because the product is sent directly to you via email, there are no refunds.


  • Refunds are only issued if the item is returned to seller – undamaged – within 30 days. After 30 days, you will only be awarded store credit.
  • Refund will be issued once item is returned, checked for damages, and will be send to the payment used to purchase (minus shipping).
  • Please be sure that your mailing address is correct. We are not responsible for shipping to the wrong address. If you believe you have entered your address in error, please email mercedes@shameproofparenting.com. If the order has already been shipped, then the buyer will incur any charges needed to resend the item (including the full price of the item).
  • All items are shipped in 2-4 days. If you need faster shipping, please email mercedes@shameproofparenting.com – buyer is responsible for all fees associated with expedited shipping.


These terms allow for us to provide you with excellent customer service. Please read them thoroughly. If you have any questions or concerns, please email mercedes@shameproofparenting.com.