The 5 Foundational Skills To Enhance Your Parenting

5 FoundationalWhen we think of what skills create a foundation for our parenting which ones come to mind? For me, there are 5 skills that I love to encourage my parents to develop and use in their daily lives for themselves and for their families. These 5 skills are linked in that they can be used to not only enhance your parenting, but to also enhance your relationship with your child!

Check out this video that goes into detail about the 5 foundational skills you can use to enhance your parenting!


To reiterate, here are the 5 skills:

Awareness: this skill asks you to be aware of yourself, your child, and your whole environment. I’ve talked about this topic before and really feel that observing what is going on for your family can help enhance how you interact with them.

Reflection: using this skill means that you are being curious about what’s going on and are moving out of the observation phase to the introspection phase. You’re asking yourself “why.” You want to use this skill to get to the bottom of why you may be reacting a certain way or what feeling might your child be expressing when they display unwanted behaviors.

Honesty: this skill challenges you to be honest about how you are feeling or what you need. Using this skill regularly is also a good way to model for your child how to speak up about their needs.

Connection: with this skill I challenge you to go beyond just shutting off your devices and really plan “connection time” into your daily or weekly schedules. Set aside an hour or two to eat a meal together, play a game, watch a movie, or do some other activity that will allow your family to reconnect.

Empathy: my favorite word and skill is to give yourself and child some space to be imperfectly human. Developing this skill allows you to really use the other skills more effectively because you’re not stressing about getting off track, but you’re open to making mistakes, learning, and getting back on track.

These are skills that will always guide you in your parenting and they are skills that I will keep coming back to as reminders to guide you on your parenting journey!

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2 thoughts on “The 5 Foundational Skills To Enhance Your Parenting”

  1. Mercedes,
    this is right on point! I find that when I work with parents and they are overwhelmed, these essentials you laid out make a huge difference with improving family dynamics.

    1. Hi Emily! Long time no talk!! How have you been? Thanks for the kind words! I have noticed the same thing with parents and these skills. I think we get so caught up in the day-to-day that we forget to just breath and be human. Thanks for sharing your insights! Please feel free to share your thoughts on other posts as well!

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