Shame Proof Parenting Sessions

Shame-Proof Parenting Is A Journey

If you’re here then a part of you resonates with the idea that you can be a shame-proof parent. But, then again, another part of you is wondering what that even means!

A shame-proof parent is not shame-free, nor are they perfect.

When you make the decision to become a shame-proof parent you are committing to a journey that includes:

  • Being more connected to your own imperfect humanness,
  • Being empathetic to yourself and your child’s imperfections,
  • Being committed to connecting with your self and your child,
  • Being ready to look at how shame affects your parenting identity,
  • Being open to the work that goes into laying a foundation for your parenting,

and most of all…

  • Being ready to create a shame-proof parenting identity that is unique to you and your family.

That might all sound like a bunch of crap to you – especially since you’re looking for strategies to manage unwanted behaviors, calm the chaos in your home, and regain your sanity…

However, the solution to your common parenting issues is not in the actual day-to-day instances that nag at you. Rather, the solution lies in reframing your understanding of your parenting identity – the part of you that became the steward of another human.

That identity has to have space to grow, be seen, and be heard before you can create the change you’re looking for in your family. Coincidentally, many of the parenting books/articles you’ve read say the same about your child, don’t they?

And, in that notion, is where the idea of Shame-Proof Parenting Sessions has emerged!

In these sessions, we do talk about strategies for how to maintain a semblance of sanity in your home. But, we also do so much more!

When you choose either a 45-minute or 60-minute session, you’re getting a space to:

  • Find your own unique parenting identity so you’re not fumbling around trying to implement parenting strategies that don’t feel right for you
  • Learn how to connect with your child so that you both can withstand behaviors, conflict, and chaos together
  • Develop ways to actually take care of yourself that go beyond the buzzword “self-care”
  • And, learn how to create a shame-proof armor around your family so the outside world can no longer make you feel less than as a parent or as a family

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As a parent coach, I have seen really change in families when parents get the support they need to feel confident and competent in their parenting.

So much of the world treats parents as if they should have it all figured out. They shame parents for every decision they make and then condemn parents for not making the decisions they need to make for their families. It’s a cycle that spurs nothing but unhealthiness for the entire family.

How are you supposed to do what society wants when what society wants changes from day-to-day?

Our Shame-Proof Parenting Sessions dive into that cycle and it’s affects on your sanity, your parenting identity, your relationship with your kids, and your image of yourself.

When you know how these external forces play into your decision-making as a parent, then you can create the type of family that feels authentically real to you – as opposed to the family that everyone wants you to have.

You can get to the vision of the family you want – but first you’ve got to have a space to journey through your thoughts, fears, anxieties, successes, and ideals. You’ve got to know how your expectations of yourself and your children weigh heavily on your reactions to your family. And, most importantly, you’ve got to name the way shame has infiltrated your parenting identity.

Let’s take the dive together! Click an option that’s right for you in the sidebar of this page!

When your child is “acting out” or you’re at your wits end with another sibling fight or you dread looking at your voicemails for fear that it’s the school calling again, you’re in survival mode. This mode is covered in shame, guilt, anger, sadness, and even a bit of regret. This was not the family you envisioned. This is not the parent you wanted to be.

But, as they say: Every cloud has a silver lining.

While going on a parenting journey is the last thing on your mind when you’re in survival mode, I can assure you that being in constant survival mode is also something you’d like to be rid of. The idea of working in the Shame-Proof framework is not to put out fires constantly – you’ve been doing that and it’s starting to wear at your self-image and parenting identity. In survival mode, every decision is a desparate attempt to stop the chaos and every conflict becomes a heavy weight on the family. No one can live like this!

When we work together, I can show you how your family is living in survival mode, how to get out of it, and how to lay the foundation that will stop you from getting back there again.

Shame-Proof Parenting is not a quick fix, nor is it a magic pill.

It’s a framework that changes the way you see yourself and your family. It’s a set of skills that helps you and your family handle conflicts, behavior issues, academic concerns, peer issues, family disruption, mental health diagnoses, parenting shame, and everything else thrown at your family in a way that keeps you connected and healthy together.

This is not a drill. Let’s turn off survival mode and get you in thriving mode. Schedule your session now

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